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Keeping Fleet Fuel Costs Low

fleet Fuel telematics tracking

A decade ago, when fuel prices hit nearly four dollars during the recession, many wondered if they would ever enjoy lower-priced, more affordable gas again. Though we have enjoyed cheaper fuel for several years, prices are again hitting the high threes and low fours, straining budgets and frustrating drivers around the country. As a fleet manager, keeping your fuel costs low is one of your greatest struggles. With so many vehicles under your control and the large amount of miles your drivers travel, minimizing your fuel costs are a top priority. Though you can’t control the cost of fuel, you...

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Increasing Backing Safety with Backup Cameras

back up camera backup camera backup camera systems driver safety fleet safety

Backing accidents happen all the time. If the accident involves backing into another vehicle or a stationary object, such as a mailbox, tree, or pole, you likely face the frustration of dealing with the issue, the costs of repairs, and some mild embarrassment. If, however, your accident is one of the estimated 300 annual backing accidents that involve hitting and killing a person, the consequences are significantly greater. In 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) estimated that nearly 15,000 people were injured in backing accidents. To combat this problem, the NHTSA issued a rule that went into effect...

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Preparing Your Fleet for Severe Weather

driver safety fleet safety telematics

As Hurricane Florence continues to batter the Carolinas and East coast, fleet owners have to ask themselves: “Is my fleet prepared for a severe weather event of this scale?” No matter your location or the size of your fleet, dangerous weather could be just days, weeks, or months away. From hurricanes to earthquakes to flooding, damaging natural disasters are more common than desired and potentially devastating for any fleet. Though you can’t control the natural elements you have to deal with, you can create a plan that most effectively protects your employees, fleet, and operations in these situations. To see...

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Discovering Rental Car Telematics

fleet tracking GPS fleet tracking gps tracking telematics

As a rental car company, you constantly place your most valuable assets in the hands of strangers. For every new customer and rental, you run the risk of handing your keys to someone who will recklessly drive the vehicle, trash the interior, or create other costly expenses. Though you can’t totally control who drives your vehicles or what they do with them, you can use your resources to protect your assets while improving your customer service. 1. Track your vehicles Without telematics, your ability to monitor and track your vehicles is severely limited. By installing GPS devices in each vehicle,...

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Avoiding Driving Distractions

driver safety fleet safety

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that nine people are killed every day in distraction-caused crashes in the U.S. In fact, in 2015, vehicle accidents involving distracted driving were responsible for 391,000 injuries, 16% of total accident injuries, and 3,477 deaths, 10% of total accident fatalities. Driving distractions include any actions, mental states, and influences that pull your attention from driving. While the use of mobile devices is the most well-known and deadly driving distraction, this use is not the only way you can become distracted while driving. Instead, make sure you and your drivers are aware of...

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