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Fleet vehicle tracking, is it really worth it?

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In this day and age of insurance liability, reputation control and employee liability it is more important than ever to know where and how your fleet assets are being used. 

Consider these vehicle related questions-

Do you know where your vehicles are right now? 

Are they being used afterhours?

What after-hours establishments are they parked at?

Is the truck running in optimal condition?

What is the actual fuel usage of the vehicle?

How long has that vehicle sat idling this week?

Is the speed and other traffic laws being followed?

Consider these employee related questions-

How many hours did that vehicle actual work in the field?

How long did your driver sit idling rather than driving?

How is the driver behaving while driving your vehicle?

Is that fuel card only filling up your truck?

The Geotab GO7 answers all of these questions and many more.  When you have a $50,000 truck on the road utilized by a $20/hour employee there is a lot to think about.  Vehicle maintenance, time controls and productivity are minimal concerns based on the huge liability that you have with an employee and vehicle hurling down the road at 70 mph.  That is a 50,000lb accident waiting to happen.  Driver compliance, behavior reporting and controls will help to adjust your drivers habits and behaviors to create a new habit of safe driving which results in a lot of positive things.  No company wants a major incident and the excessive costs associated with one.  It is best to be proactive and not hide your head in the sand hoping nothing will ever happen.

With over 17 years in the business and 450,000+ installations Team TSI knows the GPS business.  Because of this history and knowledge we have chosen Geotab because they are the best.  Geotab has a proven track record and their hardware is second to none.  Some of the major aspects of the GO7 are- gps tracking, vehicle locating, routing, driver productivity and behavior analysis with feedback/coaching, fleet productivity, vehicle maintenance, accident notification, seatbelt use monitoring, drive time vs service time reporting, HOS, driver logs, engine fault and diagnostic reporting and much more.

If you do the research I am sure you will find the ROI fully exceeds the minimal cost and the peace of mind you will have is priceless.

For more information regarding the Geotab GO7 please visit our product page- http://www.xtss.com/products/geotab-go7 or contact our sales team xtss@team-tsi.com , (866)294-7348 x 201.


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