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DSM4 Server Software, KP1


Camera - SmartWitness - DMS4_SERVER_SOFT - DMS4 Server Software

DMS4 Server Software for Remote Viewing, Uploading Events, Videos, & Managing 3G Connected KP1 Devices. HTML5 Web Server UI included. Software only sold with server licenses.


  • OS: Windows XP or higher CPU: i5 Quad Core    

  • RAM: 4GB (0-50 Vehicles), 8GB (50-100 vehicles), 16 GB (100-300 vehicles)    

  • HDD: 10GB per vehicle (storage will vary based on event total, live stream requests & HD video requests)

  • Monitor: 1280 x 800 resolution

NOTE* It is recommended that the DMS4 PC is used only for our DMS4 software and no other operations.
NOTE** A static/public IP address is required so the KP1 cameras can find the server remotely.
NOTE*** A web server must be assigned to static/public IP address in order to use HTML5 web server access


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