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Intermotive ECO507-BW


Vehicle Controls - Intermotive - ECO507-BW - Eco-Star model ECO507-BW 2011-2015 F150-550

The Eco-Star ECO507-BW is an automatic engine stop/start system that provides enhanced fuel economy, lower vehicle emissions, and allows an operator to remotely control engine stop/start. Vehicle fuel economy is improved by automatically shutting off the vehicle’s engine to prevent unnecessary idling.

Restarts can be automatically triggered by low battery voltage, applying the Service Brake or user restart requests. With the battery charge protect feature, auto restarts can prevent a dead battery situation. Two separate battery system inputs allow auto restarts from either battery source. Additionally, a user has the ability to request the ignition to remain off after a shutdown, thus minimizing the draw on the battery and further reducing engine idle time. A hood switch interlock input disables the system when the hood is open.

Auto restarts are preceded by a warning beeper sound. If a temperature activated auto-restart is desired, an optional thermistor may be attached to the Engine On input. Instructions for this option can be found in the Eco-Star App Notes found at www.Intermotive.net.

The following are the default vehicle safety and conditions for Auto Stop and Auto Restart. These and other parameters may be altered to suit specific needs, using a laptop and InterMotive communication cable. (See ECO-App Note). When all Auto Stop Defaults are met, the ECO507-BW will automatically stop the engine. The engine will shut off when the idle timer expires or an external discrete wire Ignition Off Request is activated. The default idle timer is set to 15 seconds. Engine restart is initiated automatically by a low battery voltage, or the application of a user restart input. There are two separate battery sources that can be configured to trigger a battery charge protect restart. By default, the restart voltage is set to 11.8 Volts for the main battery with a recharge period of at least 60 seconds. The secondary battery input is turned off by default, though it is capable of monitoring up to a 36 Volt input.

Auto Stop Defaults Auto Restart Defaults
Battery Voltages > 11.8 V Vehicle Hood = Closed
Trans Range = Park (speed = 0) Trans Range = Park (Speed = 0)
Engine On Request = Not Active Engine Auto-Stopped by ECO507-BW
Brake Pedal = Not Pressed Ignition Key in Run Position
Vehicle Hood = Closed


ECO507 Add-On Options ECO507-BW-T: Thermistor for temperature activated Auto Restart

ECO507-BW-B: Hood Switch to allow Auto Restart only when hood is closed

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