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Geotab HRN-BS16S5


Geotab HRN-BS16S5

$ 15.00 USD

The Geotab HRN-BS16S5 harness allows you to adjust the location of your GO device for your convenience. This harness can be used in any vehicle with a standard OBDII port and is required in vehicles where the ALDL location prevents the GO device from properly connecting or is in the way of the driver. Simply plug the HRN-BS16S5 harness into your OBDII port and GO device and move your device out of your driver's way. This harness offers an additional 50 cm of length compared to the HRN-BS16S4, allowing for more options.

Length: 150 cm / 59 inches

PurposeUsed to extend the location of the GO device. Required on vehicles where the ALDL (OBD vehicle connection) is located in an area that could cause the GO device to impede the driver. Also required for vehicles where the recess of the ALDL location prevents the GO device from connecting properly. 50 cm longer than HRN-BS16S4 allowing for more options.

Max length of connected cables: 2 meters / 6.5 feet

GO Devices supported: GO5, GO6, GO7, GO7, GO8, and GO9

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