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Geotab HRN-CW03K3


Geotab HRN-CW03K3

$ 24.00 USD

The Geotab HRN-CW03K3 harness allows GO devices to get accurate ignition status from assets that do not provide or require engine data through the ECM. Some vehicles lack a diagnostic port due to age or vehicle type, so this harness can be used to connect the GO6 or GO7 device to the vehicle. This cable may be required for installations on pre-1996 vehicles without OBD II ports, including bulldozers, golf carts, Gators, etc.

The three-wire HRN-CW03K3 harness includes power, ground, and ignition wires, giving any vehicle GPS, accelerometer, and, when using a GO7, ignition tracking. 

The custom kit contains the harness and a fuse kit.

Replaces HRN-CW03S3

Length: 90 cm / 36 inches

Purpose: Used for installation in vehicles or assets where no engine data is available

Max length of connected cables: 2 meters / 6.5 feet

GO Devices supported: GO6, GO7, GO8, & GO9

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