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Geotab HRN-DS06T2


Geotab HRN-DS06T2

$ 40.00 USD

The Geotab HRN-DS06T2 is used to move the GO device out of sight under the dash while also keeping the Deutsch connector exposed and available for use. This 6-pin T-harness is built for North American, heavy-duty Deutsch connector installations. With 60 cm of length, the HRN-DS06T2 allows the GO device to be installed without an install pack.

Replaces HRN-D6THD.

Length: 23 inches

Purpose: T-harness used to move the GO device out of the way of the driver and out of sight under the dash. This harness has a standard 6-pin Deutsch connector and leaves the connector available for use.

GO Devices supported: GO5, GO6, GO7, GO8, and GO9

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