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Geotab IOX-USB


Geotab IOX-USB

$ 60.00 USD

The Geotab IOX-USB offers an auxiliary USB power adapter for charging and powering USB devices. With constant power available for mobile devices, drivers can use battery intensive applications while in the vehicle. This cable allows applications, such as Geotab® Drive, to be used without a worry. The IOX-USB also ensures that the display of any in-vehicle tablets or phones power on and off with ignition.

Note: The IOX-USBM has been discontinued. Use the IOX-USB together with the USB cable (recommended length of 1 meter) supplied with your smartphone/tablet to connect to the Geotab GO device.


  • Plug-&-Play IOX® to the Geotab GO device
  • Charges and provides constant power to USB devices
  • Compatible with Geotab’s standard third-party device protocol

Spec Sheet

IOX Support by Plan

IOX (Input / Output Expanders)

IOX (Input / Output Expanders) plug directly into the GO device and are used to extend the GO device to peripherals in your vehicle. Leveraging the CAN networks that run on the GO device, IOXs can be daisy-chained together to add multiple peripherals to the GO device. This adds flexibility to your implementation, even after installation, and means the Geotab solution can continue to grow with your fleet.

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