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Geotab NFC Tag/Keyfob (20 Tags/Keyfobs)


Geotab NFC Tag/Keyfob (20 Tags/Keyfobs)

$ 80.00 USD


The NFC Tag/Keyfob is used with the NFC IOX Reader to identify and track the drivers using your vehicles at any point. With a simple tap to the NFC IOX Reader, this tag prompts your Geotab GO device to begin tracking data for each specific driver. With this small tag, you can generate reports, rules, and exceptions by driver or vehicle. 

The NFC Reader also offer an additional layer of vehicle security. If drivers fail to use their NFC Tag/Keyfob upon entering the vehicle, the engine won't start and the Geotab GO device will beep continuously until the keyfob is used. 

Gain access to a full view of driver and vehicle activity and improve your fleet security with the NFC Tag/Keyfob.

20 per package

Who Should Use This

  • Companies that have multiple drivers that must share a vehicle.
  • Companies that wish to get a better understanding of how certain drivers operate vehicles and better identify incorrect driving habits for specific drivers.
  • Companies that wish to create driver-based reports and analyze data broken down by driver.

Features & Benefits

  • Assign drivers to vehicles and create driver-based reporting
  • Track drivers across multiple vehicles to track different driving habits
  • Plug-and-play, quick installation
  • Create a Whitelist of authorized drivers for specific GO devices, controlled through Driver IDs (see Specifications for setup)
Spec Sheet

    GO Devices supported: GO5, GO6, GO7, and GO8

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