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$ 95.00 USD

IOX Add-On for Keyless functionality, with integrated keyfob.

The IOX-KEYLESS supports remote access to a vehicle and supports multiple markets — including corporate car sharing, consumer car-sharing, and traditional car rental services.

Top Features

  • Simple-to-install IOX® for the Geotab GO device
  • Bluetooth® connection to scan for available Android/iOS devices to connect to the GO device and send vehicle commands
  • Starter inhibit functionality (With accompanying expansion harness)

Optimize your fleet operations

Save time and costs with Geotab Keyless – a solution offering secured vehicle access for pooled and shared fleets, even when vehicles are parked out of cellular coverage. Geotab Keyless is built on top of Geotab’s scalable and flexible telematics platform and provides the tools you need to optimize fleet performance at every level.

IOX hardware Technical Specifications 

Bluetooth® Module

Version 4.0 Single Mode


121 mm L x 100 mm W x 24.5 mm H


Black, moisture-resistant thermoplastic overmold


CAN: 500 kbps (for daisy chaining)

Current Draw (A)

Sleep (Average): ~2mA (with 12V input)

Active: ~135mA (with 12V input)

Temperature Rating

−40 ℃ to +85 ℃


Keyed Male Mini-USB Type-B connector: Daisy chain power and CAN in

Keyed Female Mini-USB Type-B connector: Daisy chain power and CAN out

Locking Ramp 10-Pin socket: Starter inhibit relays

Locking Ramp 4-Pin socket: Proximity card reader (Future support)

Locking Ramp 6-Pin socket: Vehicle Secondary CAN connection/GPIO (Future support)

Compatible Devices 

GO9® and newer


IOX Installation Instructions

WARNING: Prior to IOX-KEYLESS installation, read and follow GO device installation instructions (goo.gl/rkLRiA) to both verify any existing GO device installation is correct and that you are qualified to complete this IOX-KEYLESS installation. Incorrect installation of either the GO device, and/or IOX-KEYLESS can result in loss of vehicle control and serious injury.

WARNING: Prior to IOX-KEYLESS installation, read and follow Important Safety Information and Limitations of Use, located at the end of the document. Always read and follow all safety information to prevent loss of vehicle control and serious injury.

NOTE: It is recommended that the GO/IOX-KEYLESS are installed in a vehicle with an appropriate T-harness to install the devices away from the OBD port (to reduce the risk of accidental unplug).  The T-harness is also used to install another device into the OBD port without having to remove the GO9 device. The most common harness is the HRN-GS16K2 - harness installation depends on the vehicle. Please refer to the appropriate installation instructions for install.

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