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RVS-112 Sonar

Rear View Safety

Backup Safety - Rear View Safety - RVS-112 - RVS-112 Backup Sonar System

The RVS-112 is the simplest sensor system on the market today.

The RVS-112 Vehicle Reversing Aid is an automatic back up alert system that warns drivers of potential obstacles while backing up their vehicle. Using ultrasonic echo location sonar technology the system is activated when the driver engages reverse gear. A 4 zone variable audio pulse alerts the driver of potential obstacles. The audio pulse intensity increases and the audio frequency changes as the vehicle backs closer to the obstacle. As with all backup sensing systems, there are blind areas in the sensing patterns due to the cone or triangular nature in the way the sonar pulse is emitted. Whenever an object moves from a covered area and into one of these blind areas a special warning alert message and a very loud tone will be transmitted twice or until the operator takes the vehicle out of reverse. This is especially helpful for detecting moving objects such as a pedestrian, an animal, a forklift or other moving vehicles that may be behind your vehicle and in harms way. Backup sensor systems are a great way to increase safety on the job.

Compatible with any RVS backup camera system

This is an add on reverse sensor system to various other camera systems.  This is not a standalone system.


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