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Intermotive SS515


Vehicle Controls - Intermotive - SS515 - Speed Sentinel II © SS515 2015 Ford Transit

System Overview Speed Sentinel II © is a programmable road speed limiter for Ford vehicles.

Speed Sentinel II© is a microprocessor controlled unit that limits maximum vehicle speed but does not limit maximum engine output.

Speed Sentinel II© interfaces with the vehicle through the use of “Plug & Play” connectors that plug directly into the vehicle’s factory OEM connectors. This method of installation reduces the installation time and improves the connection reliability. Speed Sentinel II© has been designed with internal safeguards to insure the safe operation of the vehicle. If it senses any unsafe or unknown condition it automatically reverts back to full driver control.

Speed Sentinel II© can be set up for either single or dual speed operation. Optional Switch Controlled setting, preprogrammed by InterMotive, includes Optional Forced Engine Idle Functions—flip an operator installed switch and Speed Sentinel II© forces the engine to stay in idle mode as a theft deterrent. Optional System Controlled Electronic Override of Speed Sentinel II© is available for Emergency vehicles when in Code 3 mode.

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